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Guangxu silver coin with a life of less than one or two


Specification: Diameter: 4.551cm Weight: 37.62g, Thickness: 0.3cm


光绪银币丁未一两寿字币是由清政府度支部设计和正式铸行的清代标准银币之一。清朝光绪三十三年(1907)年度支部天津造币总厂铸造。因为铸额小,传世稀罕,且当时发行时间并不长,后面被收回,以致于存世量非常之少,所以一直被收藏家所追捧。Guangxu silver coin Ding Weishou is one of the standard silver coins of Qing Dynasty designed and formally minted by the Qing government branch. The annual branch of Guangxu in Qing Dynasty (1907) was minted by Tianjin Mint General Factory. Because of the small amount of casting, rare handed down, and the issuance time was not long, the latter was withdrawn, so that the stock is very small, so it has been sought after by collectors.

精铸此币原为大清朝权力顶峰慈禧和光绪生辰中都含未,而1907丁未这年,慈禧73,光绪37岁,合加110岁的整寿华诞。反面的长横一与无竖划两,皆为体现二人之意间的嫌隙,欲普天同庆而贺,小龙虽帝但为子居正面,古龙为母后居反,但终强压小龙于上。The coin was originally coined in the birthdays of Cixi and Guangxu, the peak堪萨斯大学大四内线乌多卡-阿祖布伊克参加森林狼面试s of power in the Qing Dynasty, but not in the year of Dingwei in 1907. Cixi was 73 and Guangxu was 37 years old, together with his 110-year-old birthday. On the contrary, both the long and horizontal lines and the non-vertical lines embody the suspicion gap between the two. To celebrate the celebration of the whole world, Xiaolong is the emperor but the son is in the front, while Gulong is the mother and the queen is in the opposite, but eventually the dragon is overwhelmed.

此枚“光绪银币丁未一两寿字币”轮廓完整、文字清晰,边缘线条粗细均匀,间距也疏密一致,其锈色和包浆色泽均自然。纹饰深浅适度、外形精巧、品相上佳。银币正面中央圆圈内镌“光绪银币”四字,圈外左右两侧分镌“丁未”二字和一对双龙戏珠(寿字)图案。银币背面中央镌“一两”二字,两侧镌双龙戏珠图案,两条龙的背部和龙腹部分别镌有三团云朵,下端镌海浪图案。正面和背面的龙图造型完全不同。发行量极少,一两,品相完整,有一定的包浆年代感,极具收藏价值。This "Guangxu silver coin with a life of less than one or two" has complete outline, clear text, uniform edge lines and spacing, and its rust and paste color are natural. The decoration is moderate in depth, exquisite in shape and good in appearance. The silver coin has four characters "Guangxu silver coin" in the central circle on the front, and two characters "Ding Wei" and a pair of Shuanglong opera beads (Shou Zi) on the left and right sides of the circle. On the back of the silver coin, the word "one or two" is engraved in the center, and the two dragons are engraved with double dragon beads on both sides. On the back and abdomen of the two dragons, three clouds are engraved, and on the bottom of the two dragons are engraved with waves. Dragon drawings on the front and back are totally different. The circulation is very small, one or two, the product is complete, has a certain sense of pulp age, has great collection value.